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Vertigo, Dizziness, or Losing Balance: Can Physical Therapy Help?

 By Claire Leiker, DPT and Landmark Physical Therapy If you are suffering from vertigo, dizziness or even losing your balance, you may be surprised to learn that physical therapy is often a valuable treatment option. Whether your condition recently started or has been present for years, there are specific exercises and treatments that may help reduce […]

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Runner’s Knee – A few quick tips

By Shane Snyder, DPT & Landmark Physical Therapy  Do you have knee pain with running? Is knee pain limiting your miles per week?  Runner’s Knee is often listed at or near the top of the most common running injuries.   Regardless of age, it affects most runners at some point in their training.  It can be very painful, […]

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Improve Your Walking Speed & Decrease Your Fall Risk

3 Simple Exercises to Improve Your WalkingBy Cara Sherlock, DPT & Landmark Physical Therapy As we age, we become more aware of falling.  You probably know friends or relatives who have fallen.  Maybe you’ve caught yourself off balance.  Or maybe you realize your reaction time is a little slower.  When you are worried about falling, it […]

Growing Pains

Growing Pains – Should You Be Concerned?By Mark DiSalvo & Landmark Physical Therapy  Are growing pains real?  Is it possible for kids to wake up at night with leg pain and then miraculously feel better in the morning?  The answer to both of these is YES.What are growing pains?  Growing pains are pains in the larger […]

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Think BIG for Parkinson's

Parkinson’s BIG program: What’s it all about?

By Mindy Treon, DPT & Landmark Physical Therapy Previously, we discussed what Parkinson’s disease is and some of the common symptoms. If you missed that blog post follow this link. As promised, we wanted to share with you a generalized overview of the Parkinson’s BIG Program.  To recap – Parkinson’s disease is a neurological degenerative disease […]

Parkinson’s Disease

An Overview of Parkinson’s Symptoms and Introduction to the BIG ProgramBy Mindy Treon, DPT & Landmark Physical Therapy  Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative neurological disorder that can be life threatening over time.  According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, close to one million people in the US are living with Parkinson’s. 1  This progressive disease has no […]

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Stretching Tips for Runners

Stretching Tips for Runners – Improve Your Stride & Stay Injury FreeBy Mark DiSalvo and Landmark Physical Therapy Runners often ask which stretches are most important.  If you are training for your first race, or you are an experienced runner, here are 4 tips for improving your stride & staying healthy:   Curl your toes when […]