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The Rolling Stick – A Therapy/Fitness Product Feature

Some patients call it the torture device, others call it a personal massager.  “The Stick”  happens to be one of the best devices for working tight muscles – especially in the legs. Physical Therapists commonly use the rolling stick with their patients and many gyms encourage members to use them after a workout.  At home […]

A massage & myofascial tool for muscles

Notes from a PT working the SicFit Competition

By Mark DiSalvo, MPT, OCS, MTC, CGFI-MP     It was an exciting yet long day this past Saturday working in the medical/ therapy area of the SicFit competition.  As the day progressed, I began to notice similarities in the types of competition injuries I was seeing.   Overall, there was a lack of pelvic strength […]

CrossFit athlete doing walking lunges

Avoiding CrossFit Injuries: Having enough flexibility & movement in your joints can make all the difference.

By Mark DiSalvo, MPT, OCS, MTC, CGFI-MP & Landmark Physical Therapy  As a Physical Therapist watching, evaluating & treating Cross Fitters over the past three years, I have found two common predictors of injury.  One is improper joint mechanics and the second is poor muscle firing patterns.  In a lot of cases, the individual who […]