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The following are physical therapy reviews from current and former patients.  See what the people of Scottsdale, AZ have to say about Landmark Physical Therapy.

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Connor says:

I am a college athlete who received physical therapy from Landmark for 3 months for an injury I suffered during my season. Landmark was very focused on healing my injury as well as making me strong and improve my overall physical health. The staff was very caring, but also pushed me to get through my injury and back to 100%. I credit my overall improvement and health to Landmark Physical Therapy. I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy place. Thank you!

Barbara says:

My experience at Landmark Physical Therapy has been great! Shane is extremely knowledgeable and professional. In five visits he was able to eliminate my shoulder pain, allowing me to return to work and back to my regular workout routine.

Sherry G. says:

I have heard people express that they are afraid of going to physical therapy.  I had also been very afraid of going to physical therapy based on what people had told me.  But Shane changed that.  While helping me get better, he made me understand that physical therapy is sometimes a stepping stone in the right direction.  

Besides being skilled at knowing the foot and how to heal it, Shane is very good with people.  He helps patients understand their condition and not be afraid.  He helps you get better physically and he makes you feel at ease as you progress.  He explained everything to me and made the whole healing process so much easier.  

Meredith H. says:

When Dr. Freedberg released me to start my therapy for a complete tear of my right hamstring I was sent to Landmark Therapy.  I met my therapist, Shane Snyder, who would be handling my recovery after the surgery.  I was anxious to get started.

Shane was always considerate of my pain level making sure we were getting through the exercises without causing greater pain.  He described each exercise and how it helped with my recovery.  He had me try the exercise at my highest potential without going too far.  He encouraged and complimented me on the work I did at home.  I thoroughly enjoyed all my therapy sessions with Shane.  He was easy to talk to.  We would joke and talk about family.  He truly made me comfortable.

I would highly recommend Shane to anyone needing a good therapist.  He is very professional in his role, very knowledgeable and conscientious to his client’s needs.  I trusted him with my therapy and was confident I would progress quickly from day one.

Kathie from Northville, MI says:

Mark DiSalvo has the creativity, compassion and humor patients need to deal with sometimes painful and traumatic physical therapy issues. I came from Michigan to Phoenix to find that out. After 2 knee surgeries and months of therapy, I can walk again! Thanks Mark.

Maureen M. says:

I had knee surgery – my 1st surgery ever.  Four days later I walked into Landmark PT & met Shane Snyder.  I was very nervous and scared that I was going to be in pain the whole time.  To my surprise and pleasure that was not the case.  He explained everything to me, was very understanding and allowed me to explain my fears.  Shane understood and worked with me the whole time.  I worked hard and Shane saw to it that I was comfortable and challenged.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Shane Snyder & Landmark PT to anyone who needs compassionate care and really good therapists.

Larry Benowich says:

A couple of months ago, I had the unfortunate experience in slipping off my steps and landing directly on my large toe, which took the brunt of the fall into the tile floor. After over a week of severe pain, I spoke with Mark DiSalvo and he immediately offered to evaluate it and thereby determine what treatment would be required. He spent some time in trying to evaluate the condition through gentile manipulation, but based upon the level of pain and range of motion his recommendation was to get an x-ray before attempting any further work with the toe. When the pictures came back and fracture was ruled out he then proceeded to treat the toe with various techniques and had me back to painless in less than 2

weeks. I was extremely pleased with the care as provided by Mark, and wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anybody that required physical therapy for any condition.

Kathy O. says:

I would recommend Shane to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.  He was able to pinpoint my problem on the first visit and after 3 sessions, my problem has been resolved.  Thank you, Shane!

Christina says:

I’ve had a history of back, neck and hip pain. I’ve seen chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and a neurologist. I even tried prescription muscle relaxants. All of the medical professionals I had seen would shrug their shoulders at me because they couldn’t find the source of my pain and could not end it. Mark’s attitude was completely different than any other medical professional I had consulted with. He listened to all my feedback as we did therapy. I was impressed with all the different tricks it seemed he could pull out of his sleeve.

After just a few sessions Mark suspected there was something wrong in my hip, probably a torn labrum. He sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. I had an MRI, Mark was right, a torn labrum. I was able to undergo surgery to fix the origin of my pain. I believe if I had not met Mark Disalvo, I would have resided to ‘deal’ with my pain. I have my life back!

Salli White says:

I have had pain and spasms at night for 12 years in both knees after replacement surgery. By working with Mark DiSalvo I am now able to sleep at night free of pain. Mark is also helping me with shoulder issues and I know the outcome will be as wonderful as on my knees. I have been to many physical therapists through the years and Mark is by far the very best.


Henry Y. says:

(Joe), you’ve been a great therapist and your expertise has been a tremendous help for fixing up my knee, thank you very much again!


Kelly Taylor says:

Over the past two years, I have worked with Mark on three occasions: my back issues, as well as two hip replacements. And I have to say that there is no other physical therapy group that I would consider engaging for any orthopedic problem in the future.

Mark DiSalvo is a highly qualified therapist, who also does hands on work – which is not always provided at other therapy organizations. He will guide you through your recovery in a balanced manner. He knows when to push you further and challenge you more, and when to back off – just a little. If you listen to Mark and do what he says – you will progress steadily toward your recovery goals. He also has a sense of humor and makes it fun.

Phoebe (reception/scheduling) and Jennifer (accounting) complete a very highly qualified, and personable staff.

I highly recommend (them) for all your physical therapy needs.

Brooke S. says:

While training for a half marathon in January 2013, I was derailed by severe pain in my right ankle, which was later determined to be Achilles tendonitis and posterior tibial tendonitis.  After seeing another physical therapy office for nearly three months to no avail, the owner of my gym suggested Landmark Physical therapy.  I am forever grateful that he did.  I was starting to think running might just not be an option for me anymore.  Shane Snyder gave me hope again.

When I started my treatment at Landmark, the thought of running again was far from my mind – my right ankle ached by the time I made it up the stairs to my apartment, and forget driving in traffic.  My injury wasn’t exactly clear-cut, and left room for questions, but Shane and Mark worked together to prove they offer a truly collaborative and problem-solving operation.  Through Shane’s careful treatment and personal attention, I am now back to running pain-free in less than half the time I spent at the previous physical therapy office.  Shane was a pleasure to work with, and his positive attitude made the time fly by.  Who knew a person could look forward to physical therapy?  He inspired trust, and I felt I’d healed a little more after each and every session.

Kirk Morales says:

There’s a huge benefit from receiving therapy from someone who knows exactly what your body was capable of before your injury and where it needs to be when completely healed. Mark’s CrossFit background provides me with the assurance that I’ll be back to the same state I was previously at!


Nancijoy Weissman says:

I have previously had PT for a persistent rotator cuff problem. Nothing ever helped me until Mark, owner of Landmark, treated me.  His hands on treatments, combined with his customized exercise program, cured my shoulder problem in 12 sessions.  In addition, He taught me so much about the anatomy and physiology that I understand why consistent strengthening exercises are so important in maintaining the good results. Mark is not only a remarkable physical therapist but a remarkable teacher as we’ll.


Shannon A. says:

Having mobility in my shoulder with little or no pain and having my hip and knees with little or no pain is a blessing….  (Joe), your patience and calm demeanor coupled with your professionalism and knowledge was much appreciated at a time when I was questioning my ability to live pain free in my golden years.  You  helped me to feel confident that there was hope.  Your direction on light exercises to strengthen muscles and correct years of physical neglect have been an invaluable experience….   I am looking forward to becoming more active with the returned mobility you assisted with.  Thank you for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel.


John H. says:

I have been going to landmark PT for 3 yrs and I can’t recommend them highly enough. A lifetime of being active has led to a fair number of injuries and aches.  Landmark’s physical therapists are all highly experienced and work with me one-on-one, getting very well acquainted with my limitations and tolerances which makes a huge difference in the recovery process.  Not only does Landmark take care of the immediate issue, but they address the root issues (posture, flexibility, strength) that cause the issues and therefore help prevent future problems.  I have been playing sports and stretching for 40+ years and I have never been stronger or more flexible, and Landmark PT is a big part of that.

I once had a doctor force me to another PT all because they had some fancy machine that was supposed to help me. In a one hour appointment I saw the actual physical therapist for maybe 10-15 minutes and the rest of the time they had some young kid running me through a bunch of basic exercises. The physical therapist would pop-in every so often and just ask “How are you doing?” or “How does that feel?”  It felt like I was on an assembly line at a factory and couldn’t wait to get back to Landmark.


If you want expert help and want to be treated like a real patient and not just a billable hour, do yourself a favor and go see the team at Landmark Physical Therapy.