What We Do

physical therapy and injury rehab services in  Scottsdale, AZ

Your goal is to recover from your injury. And you want to do this as quickly as possible. At Landmark Physical Therapy we believe the best way to achieve this goal is to have a licensed physical therapist performing all aspects of your rehab care. A musculoskeletal expert overseeing your entire treatment picks up the small details – how your body is moving, compensating, or progressing with certain treatments. These experts also have the training and experience to make the necessary changes or tweaks to your program to ensure the best results.

Licensed physical therapists perform all of the injury rehab at Landmark PT. You will never be handed off to a tech or aid. See a highly trained PT every visit, for the entire visit – that’s the Landmark difference.

Your time and money are valuable. At Landmark PT, our therapists are committed to making the most out of each therapy visit. Whether we are following a post-surgical protocol, or tailoring a treatment plan to your specific injury – we know that no two people or injuries are alike. With personal attention, evolving treatment plans, and expert therapists we succeed in getting our patients out of pain and back to their activities.

Injuries & Conditions We Treat

Our therapists offer a variety of physical therapy services in our Scottsdale clinic.  They specialize in treating all orthopedic and sports medicine injuries. This is a list of the most commonly treated conditions. If you have questions on a specific condition, you can ask one of our therapists, or call us at (480) 661-1124.

> Pre & Post Surgical Rehab
> Back & Neck Pain
> ScaroIliac Pain
> Pre & Post Pregnancy Back Pain
> Headaches
> Sports Injuries (Competitive & Recreational)
> Joint & Muscle Injuries

> Sprains & Strains
> Fractures
> Arthritis, Bursitis & Tendonitis
> Work Related Injuries
> Auto Accident Injuries
> Cross Fit & Golf Injuries
> Muscle Weakness &/or Imbalances
> Flexibility Issues

> Balance & Fall Prevention
> Frozen Shoulder
> Rotator Cuff injuries and repairs
> ACL & Meniscal injuries
> Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
> Plantar Fascitis
> Carpal Tunnel
> Orthotics

Payment Options

We are in-network for most major insurances and are happy to bill your insurance on your behalf. If you have questions about a specific insurance please call us at (480) 661-1124. We will contact your insurance company and determine what PT benefits you are eligible for. We also bill many third party liability insurances. Please call for more information.

Cash Payment
Cash pay therapy options are available to meet your needs. Have the flexibility of scheduling 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions depending on your injury or budget. Your therapist will make recommendations on the best treatment plan for your condition.

Medical Liens
If you have been in an automobile accident, we are happy to deliver physical therapy services under a medical lien. We will work with you and your attorney to determine if this option is right for you.

Other Services

Landmark Golf
Is your body getting in the way of your golf game? This program targets your posture, flexibility, strength and control so you can achieve your perfect swing. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical professional will guide you through a golf specific functional assessment and prescribe an individualized program to meet the needs of your body and your swing. You will also experience the K-VEST – a wireless sensor system that gives you real-time visual and auditory feedback to reinforce correct movements. This feedback accelerates the learning process to get you playing better-in less time.  Learn more.

Free Injury Screening
At Landmark PT, we offer a Free 15 minute injury assessment with a licensed Physical Therapist. Find out what type of medical care may be indicated and get recommendations on how to best treat your injury including simple things you can do at home.  Learn more.