Back & Neck Pain

physical therapy and injury rehab services in Scottsdale, AZ

Landmark Physical Therapy provides physical therapy for back and neck pain, injuries, and spinal surgery.

Millions of individuals suffer from back and neck pain each year.  Whether you were in a car accident, sustained an injury at work or hurt yourself exercising, back and neck pain can be debilitating.  The following are examples of back and neck injuries commonly treated at Landmark Physical Therapy:


Whiplash/Car accident pain

Lifting injuries

Muscle spasms

Disc herniations or impingements

Disc bulges

Postural issues

Stiff neck

Piriformis Syndrome

Muscle strains

Tension Headaches

Dizziness or Vertigo

Sacroilliac problems


Spinal fractures

Spinal surgery rehab

Stress Fractures


Manual therapy plays an important role in the recovery of back and neck pain.  Manual therapy includes soft tissue work (myofascial release, massage, scraping), joint mobilizations, trigger point release, and strain-counterstrain techniques.  In addition, specific exercises to strengthen core muscles and increase flexibility are highly effective in the treatment of back and neck pain.


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Is rest the best thing for back pain?

Research shows that in many cases mild to moderate activity results in faster recovery than bed rest following a back injury.  A physical therapist can teach you which activities are good to continue and which ones need to be stopped depending on the severity and type of back injury you have.


Why should I see a physical therapist after a back or neck injury

Following a back or neck injury, there are specific muscles around your spine that shut down.  And they don’t turn back on once you are feeling better.  A physical therapist will take you through specific exercises to turn these muscles back on.  Not only will this speed up your recovery, but it will help to prevent future injury to the same area.

How soon can I see a Physical Therapist after I injure my back or neck?

You can see a Physical Therapist immediately after injury.  Based on the type of injury and your symptoms, a physical therapist can determine the best course of care for your injury.  They can also offer some immediate pain relief with specific manual therapy techniques or modalities (electrical stimulation, traction).  If you have not seen a physician, your physical therapist can perform screening techniques to determine if further diagnostic tests or conventional medical treatment is indicated prior to beginning physical therapy treatments.


What can I expect to do in Physical Therapy?

For back and neck pain, a combination of manual therapy and exercise will be used for best results.  Manual therapy may include soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilizations, and trigger point release.  Exercises may include core strengthening, flexibility exercises, muscle energy exercises, and posture exercises.  In addition, your therapist will review or teach you the proper way to do many daily activities.  Many of us have bad posture, slouch in our cars, or lift kids and household objects in a way that invites future injury.  You will learn easy techniques and tips for making your day-to-day activities safer.  Your therapist may also use tape to provide support to your back or neck during therapy.  Modalities make up the final component of your physical therapy sessions.  These may include heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation or even traction.

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